11/4/2016.   For a limited time, WildTech – CCNV is offering free desktop computers for participants that complete its $49 three-hour training class.   The class is designed for new computer users, covering computer setup, internet, email, word processing and spreadsheets.  If your organization is based in Washington DC and you sign up 10 people to take this $49 three-hour class, we will bring the computers to your site and hold the training in your facility.  This is especially well-suited for schools, senior living centers, and community based organizations

COMPUTER SPECSDell Desktop2Dell Desktop1

  • Desktop or Tower PC with Duo Core CPU
  • 2 GB+ RAM (or better)
  • 80 GB Hard Drive (or better)
  • DVD Drive
  • 17”+ LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

Also Includes:

  • Micorosft Windows 7 Operating System
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Libre Office (MS Office lookalike)
  • VideoLan Media Player
  • Many More Utilities and Software

For more information, email info@wildtech.org