The volunteers in our refurbishing program had an amazing summer and fall refurbishing computers for individuals and schools in need.

This includes every Saturday, when they meet in our refurbishing center in Silver Spring at 2pm, then have a BBQ starting 5pm.  The combination of doing tech work while smelling hamburgers roasting is truly euphoric!  But that cannot match the euphoria when recipients get their free or super-low-cost computers.  If you have computer tech skills and want to help people and schools in need, email info@wildtech.org to learn how you too can join our Saturday Tech Bonanza!

 Here is a sample of the amazing work our team did:

  • Over 100 Core2Duo laptop computers  to students at the  GoodWill Excel Public Charter school in Downtown DC,  students in Briya Schools in DC, and student in Archdiocese of Washington Schools in DC and Maryland.
  • A complete computer lab for Briya Schools in DC
  • A complete computer lab for Saint Andrews Apostle school in Silver Spring
  • A computer computer lab for PAINTS charter school in DC
  • A complete computer lab for Saint Rafael School in Rockville
  • Laptops for six schools in Tanzania
  • Cisco Switches for Radio America and Radio Asia


A HUGE thank you to all of our refurbishing volunteers:

Kieran Deniel

Arthitaya Donlan 

Andrew Donlan

Dylan Medina

Michael Mulumba

Daniel Ogunbayo

Yiping Pan


Zawayne Thompson

Lambert TchapTchet

Broadus Young