March 2019.  Lambert TchapTchet is an IT professional from NetVision in Washington DC.  He also served as the WTA’s Director of Programs for the YMCA and the CCNV.   He was born in Cameroon and is very familiar with the digital divide, both in Africa and the United States.  In January 2019 he was elected to become the President of the WTA.  And Lambert hit the ground running…

  • He instituted monthly Executive Board meetings to work with the Executive Director to address issues and opportunities as they emerge, as well as refine and improve strategy.
  • He continues to volunteer in the WTA’s computer refurbishing and training programs
  • He helped create the WTA’s three-prong 2019 strategy:
    • With the expiration of the Tanzania Contract, the WTA will focus primarily on Washington DC
    • Expand partnerships and programs in partnership with Washington DC Homeless Shelters
    • Expand partnerships and programs in partnership with Archdiocese of Washington and DC Charter schools