The WTA is excited about a new collaboration between the Archdiocese of Washington Schools, GSA, and the Surplus Property Division of DC Government.  Through special permission, the WTA has begun picking up high quality federal surplus technology for delivery into DC Homeless Shelters and Archdiocese of Washington Schools located in the District of Columbia.  Much of the equipment will be refurbished, with missing parts provided, software loaded, and full functionality testing before delivery to the schools and shelters. Says the WTA Executive Director, “this is a tremendous opportunity to serve low-income populations of the District of Columbia with technology, made possible through the decade of trust we built within the Federal Surplus Property providers, and years serving ADW schools and DC homeless shelters.”

The program also has tremendous potential for expansion to DC Public Charter Schools and even DC Public Schools, thus the WTA is gathering best practices and plans to continuously improve the program.  The first deliveries under this new program will take place in July of 2019.