1/11/20   Since 2016 the WTA has supported Washington DC’s annual Martin Luther King Day Parade and Peace March.  In 2020 the WTA is part of the organizing committee, staff and volunteers are marching on January 20th, and we are participating in the MLK Health Fair.  We are also providing laptop computers to two groups involved in the parade.  The picture below is Regina Pixley, head of the “Families Impacted by Violence Project. ”  As part of the MLK program, she is hosting a dinner for ten families who lost children through gun violence in Washington DC in 2019.  WTA laptops will be provided to some of the siblings of children that were murdered.   We also provided a laptop to Merilyn Holmes, president of Total Sunshine.  The laptop was provided to her for placement to the winner of Total Sunshine’s essay contest for DC youth on Martin Luther King Jr.

Regina Pixley from “Families Impacted by Violence”