iPad Technical Training – Module 1WildTech10/14/22Click Here
iPad Technical Training – Module 2WildTech10/17/22Click here
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iPad Technical Training – Module 4WildTech09/26/22Click Here
iPad Technical Training – Module 5WildTech09/23/22Click Here
iPad Technical Training – Module 6WildTech10/12/22Click here
Advanced: App StoreWildTech10/17/22Click here
Advanced: Creating a Zoom AccountWildTech11/09/22Click Here
Advanced: Intro to Keynote Pt. 1WildTech10/21/22Click Here
Advanced: Intro to Keynote Pt. 2WildTech10/24/22Click Here
Advanced: iPadOS 16 updateWildTech11/18/22Click Here
Advanced: OS 16 &  iCloud BackupWildTech12/01/22Click Here
Advanced: Pages Pt1WildTech10/31/22Click Here
Advanced: Pages Pt2WildTech11/14/22Click Here
Advanced: Pages Pt3WildTech11/07/22Click Here
Advanced: Using RemindersWildTech10/19/22Click here
Advanced: Using the CalendarWildTech11/02/22Click Here
Advanced: Browsing the InternetWildetch12/02/22Click Here
Advanced: Using the CalendarWildTech11/30/22Click Here
Advanced: YouTube – A Visual GuideWildTech12/07/22Click Here
Advanced: CybersecurityAT&T12/05/22Click Here
How to Use the Mango AppDCPL03/02/21Click Here
DC Library AppDCPL03/02/21Click Here
FreeGal App for Listening to MusicDCPL03/02/21Click Here
Kanopy App to Watch Free MoviesDCPL03/02/21Click Here
Libby App to Read & Listen to BooksDCPL03/02/21Click Here
Lesson 1: Get Your Apple IDWildTech05/10/22Click Here
Lesson 2: Get an Email AddressWildTech05/10/22Click Here
Lesson 3: Learn How to Use ZoomWildTech05/10/22Click Here
Lesson 4: Adjust Your SettingsWildTech05/10/22Click Here
Why Are Chromebooks So Popular?Cyber Seniors12/08/22Click Here
Mental Health and WellnessDACL12/01/22Click Here
iPadOS 16 Update and iCloud BackupWildTech11/30/22Click Here
Adapting to Vision LossWildTech11/22/22Click Here
The Game of ChessWildTech11/15/22Click Here
Healthy Eating HabitsSenior Vida11/12/22Click Here
Explore Gratitude through BreathworkDCPL11/10/22Click Here
Medicare Open EnrollmentLegal Counsel11/08/22Click Here
DC Department of HousingDHCD11/01/22Click Here
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary ProgramState Health10/27/22Click Here
DC Office of the Attorney GeneralAttorney General10/25/22Click Here
Reversing Diabetes Session 3WildTech10/20/22Click here
State Health Insurance ProgramState Health10/18/22Click here
Howard School of DentistryWildTech10/11/22Click Here
Reducing Eye StrainCyber Seniors10/06/22Click Here
Sweet DangersWildTech09/29/22Click Here
Romance Scams – More!WildTech09/27/22Click Here
Let’s Have a ConversationVETS Group09/22/22Click Here
New Transport DC ProgramsDC Yellow Cab09/13/22Click Here
Writing LettersDCPL09/08/22Click Here
Travel Tuesdays – EnglandWildTech09/06/22Click Here
Downloading Apps SafelyCyber Seniors09/01/22Click Here
Probate, Wills and POALegal Counsel08/30/22Click Here
Coping with Grief and DyingWildTech08/18/22Click Here
Nutrition for SeniorsDCPL08/11/22Click Here
What is DACL?DACL08/09/22Click Here
PEPCO: We’re Here To HelpPEPCO08/02/22Click Here
Lumosity Brain – Training AppCyber Seniors08/02/22Click Here
Avoiding Online ScammersVETS Group08/01/22Click Here
Energy and Home AssistanceVETS Group07/28/22Click Here
Health Care with David KennedyOHCO07/26/22Click Here
iPad Accessibility FeaturesWildTech07/22/22Click Here
Intro to Age-TechCyber Seniors07/22/22Click Here
Healthy Living and EatingDCPL07/14/22Click Here
Let’s Learn More About SNAPDC Hunger07/12/22Click Here
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Spendee Money & Budget PlannerCyber Seniors06/02/22Click Here
Travel Tuesday – GuyanaWildTech05/31/22Click here
Titanic PresentationWildTech05/24/22Click Here
Travel Tuesdays – Papua New GuineaWildTech05/17/22Click Here
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Password ManagementWildTech05/11/22Click Here
Travel Tuesdays – BermudaWildTech05/10/22Click Here
Klarna & QR CodesWildTech05/06/22Click Here
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Travel Tuesdays – BarbadosWildTech05/03/22Click Here
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LinkedIn for SeniorsByte Back04/21/22Click Here
Karen Murphy PresentationWildTech04/15/22Click Here
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Buying Refubished or Used DevicesCyber Seniors04/01/22Click Here
Are You Safe at Home?VetsGroup03/31/22Click Here
How to Select a Refurbished ComputerByte Back03/24/22Click Here
How to Sell Things OnlineWildTech03/23/22Click Here
Good Nutrition for Seniors03/18/22Click Here
Telemedicine (Visit Your Doctor on Your iPad)03/16/22Click Here
Using the Patient Medical PortalWildTech03/10/22Click Here
Shopping Online Pt.2WildTech03/09/22Click Here
The Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s03/04/22Click Here
Fact Checking and Avoiding Bias OnlineCyber Seniors03/03/22Click Here
Shopping Online part 1WildTech03/02/22Click Here
Cyber Security03/01/22Click Here
PEPCO Energy Assistance ProgramPEPCO02/25/22Click Here
Seniors and ArthritisVetsGroup02/24/22Click Here
Using Your iPad CameraWildTech02/23/22Click Here
Reversing DiabetesWildTech02/18/22Click Here
Using Browsers and the InternetCyber Seniors02/16/22Click Here
Karaoke ContestWildTech02/15/22Click Here
Cyber SecurityByte Back02/14/22Click Here
Capitol Food Bank ProgramsFood Bank02/11/22Click Here
Using Internet BrowsersByte Back02/09/22Click Here
Utility Support for SeniorsPEPCO02/04/22Click Here
Coping with Death and DyingDr. Lofton02/04/22Click Here
Accessibility Options for iPadsCyber Seniors02/03/22Click Here
Learn About Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s Assn02/01/22Click Here
Learn to Recognize False InformationByte Back01/19/22Click Here
AARP Experience CorpsAARP01/10/22Click Here
World Travel Adventures from a SeniorCyber Seniors12/01/21Click Here
Estate PlanningVetsGroup12/01/21Click Here
Explore Genealogy and Family TreeSDCPL12/01/21Click Here
Online Resources from your LibraryDCPL11/01/21Click Here
Travel Tuesday – Kenya and the MassaiWildtech11/01/21Click Here
Save Your Old Pictures & Videos OnlineDCPL11/01/21Click Here
iPad Features for Eyesight/HearingDCPL10/01/21Click Here
Services from Home Care PartnersVetsGroup10/01/21Click Here
Security and Threats from HackersCyber Seniors10/01/21Click Here
How to Save Important DocumentsVetsGroup08/01/21Click Here
Learn How to Use Online BankingByte Back08/01/21Click Here
Learn to Register to Vote OnlineByte Back08/01/21Click Here
Free and Low Cost Legal ServicesVetsGroup08/01/21Click Here
DC Services Available on Your iPadByte Back07/01/21Click Here
Learn to Use Twitter on Your iPadDCPL07/01/21Click Here
Continuing Education OpportunitiesByte Back07/01/21Click Here
Tele-HealthByte Back06/01/21Click Here
Electronic Books (eBooks) on iPadDCPL06/01/21Click Here
Prepare Your Home to Age in PlaceVetsGroup06/01/21Click Here
Learn to Avoid Medicare FraudVetsGroup05/01/21Click Here
Learn to Use Facebook on Your iPadDCPL05/01/21Click Here
Lynda App for Learning New SkillsDCPL04/01/21Click Here
Learn to Host a Zoom CallDC Library04/01/21Click Here
Protect Against Online ThreatsByte Back04/01/21Click Here
Learn to Identify Holiday Cyber CrimeCyber Seniors03/02/21Click Here







LESSON1:  Get Your Apple ID                  by WildTech             May 2022      Click Here

LESSON 2: Get an Email Address             by WildTech             May 2022      Click Here

LESSON 3: Learn how to use Zoom          by WildTech             May 2022      Click Here

LESSON 4: Adjust your Settings               by WildTech             May 2022      Click Here


Mango App for Language Learning           by DC Library           Mar 2021     Click Here

DC Library App by DCPL                          by DC Library           Mar 2021     Click Here

FreeGal App for Listening to Music            by DC Library           Mar 2021    Click Here

Kanopy App to Watch Free Movies            by DC Library           Mar 2021    Click Here

Libby App to Read and Listen to Books      by DC Library           Mar 2021    Click Here

Lynda App for Learning New Skills             by DC Library           Mar 2021     Click Here


Are you Safe at Home                              by VETS Group         3-31-22          Click Here

How to Select a Refurbished Computer      by Byte Back           3-24-22          Click Here

How to Sell Things On-Line                       by WildTech            3-23-22          Click Here

Good Nutrition for Seniors                                                       3-18-22          Click Here

Telemedicine (visit your doctor on you iPad)                              3-16-22          Click Here

Using the Patient Medical Portal                 by WildTech             3-10-22          Click Here

Shopping On-Line Part 2                           by WildTech             3-9-22            Click Here

The Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s                                             3-4-22           Click Here

Fact Checking and Avoiding Bias Online by Cyber Seniors            3-3-22            Click Here

Shopping On-Line Part 1                            by WildTech              3-2-22           Click Here

Cyber Security                                                                         3-1-22           Click Here

Pepco Energy Assistance Program                                              2-25-22         Click Here

Seniors and Arthritis by VETS Group                                           2-24-22        Click Here

Using your iPad Camera                              by WildTech             2-23-22          Click Here

Reversing Diabetes                                     by WildTech             2-18-22          Click Here

Cyber Security                                            by Byte Back           2-14-22          Click Here

Using Browsers and the Internet                                                2-16-22          Click Here

Karaoke Contest                                          by WildTech            2-15-22          Click Here

Capitol Food Bank Food Programs                                              2-11-22          Click Here

Using Internet Browsers                                                            2-9-22            Click Here

Utility Support for Seniors                                                         2-4-22            Click Here

Coping with Death and Dying                                                    2-4-22             Click Here

Accessibility Options for iPads                  by CyberSeniors           2-3-22            Click Here

Learn About Alzheimer’s                                                           2-1-22            Click Here

Learn to Recognize False Information                                        1-19-22          Click Here

AARP Experience Corps                                                           1-10-22          Click Here



Learn to Use Twitter on your iPad             DC Library     July 2021     Click Here

Continuing Education opportunities           Byte Back      July 2021      Click here

How to Save Important Documents           VETS Group   July 2021      Click Here

Electronics Books (eBooks) on iPad            DC Library     June   2021     Click Here

Preparing your home for Aging in Place      VETS Group   June 2021     Click Here

DC Services Available on your iPad             Byte Back      June 2021     Click Here

Learn to Use Facebook in your ipad            DC Library     May 2021      Click Here

Tele-Health                                              Byte Back      May 2021      Click Here

Learn to Host a Zoom Call                         DC Library     April 2021     Click Here

Protect Against On-Line Threats                 Byte Back      April 2021     Click Here

Learn to Avoid Medicare Fraud                   VETS Group   April 2021     Click Here

Estate Planning                                        VETS Group   Dec 2021      Click Here

Explore your Genealogy and Family Tree     DC Library     Dec 2021      Click Here

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Travel Tuesday – Kenya and the Maasai       WildTech       Nov 2021      Click Here

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Senior Services from Home Care Partners    VETS Group  Oct 2021      Click Here

World Travel Adventures from a Senior       Cyber Seniors Nov 2021     Click Here

Learn how to Register to Vote On-Line        Byte Back      Aug 2021     Click Here

Cyber Security and Threats from Hackers    Cyber Seniors Oct 2021     Click Here

Free/Low Cost Legal Services for Seniors     VETS Group   Aug 2021      Click Here

iPad Features for poor eyesight & hearing    DC Library     Aug 2021        Click Here

On-Line Resources from your DC Library      DC Library     Oct 2021        Click Here