LESSON1:  Get Your Apple ID                  by WildTech             May 2022      Click Here

LESSON 2: Get an Email Address           by WildTech              May 2022      Click Here

LESSON 3: Learn how to use Zoom        by WildTech              May 2022      Click Here

LESSON 4: Adjust your Settings               by WildTech              May 2022      Click Here


Mango App for Language Learning         by DC Library           Mar 2021     Click Here

DC Library App by DCPL                         by DC Library           Mar 2021     Click Here

FreeGal App for Listening to Music          by DC Library          Mar 2021    Click Here

Kanopy App to Watch Free Movies          by DC Library          Mar 2021    Click Here

Libby App to Read and Listen to Books   by DC Library          Mar 2021    Click Here

Lynda App for Learning New Skills          by DC Library           Mar 2021     Click Here


Are you Safe at Home                                by VETS                    3-31-22          Click Here

How to Select a Refurbished Computer  by Byte Back             3-24-22          Click Here

How to Sell Things On-Line                       by WildTech              3-23-22          Click Here

Good Nutrition for Seniors                                                              3-18-22          Click Here

Telemedicine (visit your doctor on you iPad)                              3-16-22          Click Here

Using the Patient Medical Portal               by WildTech              3-10-22          Click Here

Shopping On-Line Part 2                            by WildTech              3-9-22             Click Here

The Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s                                                3-4-22            Click Here

Fact Checking and Avoiding Bias Online by Cyber Seniors     3-3-22             Click Here

Shopping On-Line Part 1                            by WildTech              3-2-22            Click Here

Cyber Security                                                                                  3-1-22             Click Here

Pepco Energy Assistance Program                                              2-25-22          Click Here

Seniors and Arthritis by VETS Group                                           2-24-22          Click Here

Using your iPad Camera                            by WildTech              2-23-22          Click Here

Reversing Diabetes                                     by WildTech              2-18-22          Click Here

Cyber Security                                              by Byte Back            2-14-22          Click Here

Using Browsers and the Internet                                                   2-16-22          Click Here

Karaoke Contest                                          by WildTech              2-15-22          Click Here

Capitol Food Bank Food Programs                                              2-11-22          Click Here

Using Internet Browsers                                                                 2-9-22            Click Here

Utility Support for Seniors                                                               2-4-22            Click Here

Coping with Death and Dying                                                        2-4-22             Click Here

Accessibility Options for iPads                  by CyberSeniors      2-3-22            Click Here

Learn About Alzheimer’s                                                                2-1-22            Click Here

Learn to Recognize False Information                                         1-19-22          Click Here

AARP Experience Corps                                                                1-10-22          Click Here


Learn to Use Twitter on your iPad        DC Library        July 2021     Click Here

Continuing Education opportunities        Byte Back         July 2021      Click here

How to Save Important Documents         VETS Group     July 2021      Click Here

Electronics Books (eBooks) on iPad          DC Library       June 2021     Click Here

Preparing your home for Aging in Place    VETS Group    June 2021     Click Here

DC Services Available on your iPad          Byte Back        June 2021     Click Here

Learn to Use Facebook in your ipad          DC Library      May 2021      Click Here

Tele-Health                                                Byte Back        May 2021      Click Here

Learn to Host a Zoom Call                       DC Library       April 2021     Click Here

Protect Against On-Line Threats              Byte Back        April 2021     Click Here

Learn to Avoid Medicare Fraud                 VETS Group    April 2021     Click Here

Estate Planning                                         VETS Group    Dec 2021      Click Here

Explore your Genealogy and Family Tree DC Library       Dec 2021      Click Here

Learn to Identify Holiday Cyber Crime       Cyber Seniors Dec 2021     Click Here

Learn How to Use On-Line Banking          Byte Back        Aug 2021      Click Here

Travel Tuesday – Kenya and the Maasai    WildTech         Nov 2021      Click Here

Save your Old Pictures & Videos On-Line  DC Library      Nov 2021      Click Here

Senior Services from Home Care Partners VETS Group   Oct 2021      Click Here

World Travel Adventures from a Senior       Cyber Seniors Nov 2021     Click Here

Learn how to Register to Vote On-Line         Byte Back      Aug 2021     Click Here

Cyber Security and Threats from Hackers    Cyber Seniors Oct 2021     Click Here

Free/Low Cost Legal Services for Seniors    VETS Group Aug 2021      Click Here

iPad Features for poor eyesight & hearing     DC Library Aug 2021        Click Here

On-Line Resources from your DC Library      DC Library Oct 2021        Click Here