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Technology Recycling for Business and Government

The WTA has a goal of distributing over 2000 computers in 2020 to low-resource schools and students in the Washington DC area (DMV).  We need your help to reach this goal.  Please consider asking your employer to recycle their electronics with the WTA. Consider making a tax deductible cash donation to help us provide computers to families for free.

The WTA works closely with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Federal Government’s “Computers for Learning” program, Intel Corporation, District of Columbia government, and other generous corporations to “Bridge the Digital Divide” in USA schools.  Since 2000, the WTA has trained over 118 schools in Oregon, Washington State, Maryland and Washington DC to refurbish and place technology into their schools, where youth to support it and become teacher’s aids in their technology classes.


LCD Monitors

We accept computer donations from individuals and corporations worldwide.  If you are within 50 miles of Washington DC and have 10 or more computers to provide,  our team will pick them up, provide you a tax-deductible receipt, securely scrub any left-over data, refurbish it and provide it to needy schools and students.  We can even bring a team into your facility to securely remove any hard drives and other data-carrying hardware before you donate it — all at no cost to you!

If you are an individual or corporation looking to securely provide your surplus technology to low-income students and schools, email

If you are a school seeking low cost or free computers, email

If you are a student seeking a low-cost computer, we only work in partnership with schools, so please have your school technology director email us at