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To all of the donors to the Niki Mock Project: Thank you for your tremendous support! We now need time to refurbish and place all the laptop computers that your donations made possible. We will update this page from time to time with pictures of the recipients and our progress.

If you are a new donor to the Niki Mock Project, or would like to make additional donations, thank you so much for your generosity! Yet please know that our backlog of computers to refurbish and place mean that it will take a while before we can place the laptop you will be funding — but you will still be making a huge impact on the life of a child.

“In the midst of the overwhelming current emphasis on virtual learning, can you imagine a child today not having access to the internet? It would be impossible to overstate the importance of this need.”  

Those are the words of Niki Mock, a freelance videographer who recently took on the Digital Divide in DC with a vengeance starting at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic (see the recent  Bethesda Magazine Article ).  Many of the computers she acquired came from the WTA.  We were so inspired by Niki and her story that we want to help her more, so we created this landing page to tell her story, share her results, and raise money for this important cause.

The goal of Niki’s project is to ensure that every Ward 7 and 8 elementary school student has a laptop with internet access. School closures in mid-March exposed the tragedy of the technology divide in D.C. As J. Johnson, a teacher at Savoy Elementary, says “the already existing education gap is now mind-boggling. There has been almost no virtual, or really any education for most of these students since schools closed”.

There are roughly 4,650 students attending 14 elementary schools in SE DC. Niki and her team will start with the 300 students at Savoy, and proceed from there.

You can sponsor one student to get a refurbished laptop computer for a donation of only $89. These funds will be used by the WTA for the parts, software, labor, transportation and warehousing needed to receive, refurbish, and provide one high-quality laptop computer with web-cam, warranty, and delivery to Niki Mock for her mission. Starting on August 1st, that will include free tech support for her recipients through the WTA’s free help-desk for low-income DC residents.

Education is the only route to opportunity; without the means to a proper education, what kind of life do we sentence these kids to? If each of us believe that Black Lives Matter, now is the time to put money into real action. You can really help.  Thank you so much for considering –Niki

Help sponsor a student today using the form below: