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The Wilderness Technology Alliance (WTA) partners with schools and community based organizations to implement technology training and work-based learning programs where students and volunteers gain skills in the classroom and experience by providing valuable technology products and services to their school or local community.  The WTA also trains teachers, students and community leaders to operate technology service-learning programs and Community Technology Centers (CTCs) in their schools and community organizations.

Most programs are run as “WildTech” student enterprises that generate revenue to self-sustain and grow. This makes learning relevant and highly motivating. It addresses critical technology, citizenship, business management, entrepreneurship and employment training needs. The WTA supports these programs with on-going training, surplus technology, wilderness leadership camps, WildTech annual conferences and more.

Below are pictures and descriptions of previous WildTech programs, both in the United States and around the world…



A high technology company operated and managed by residents of the Community for Creative Non Violence (CCNV) homeless shelter. It is in the largest homeless shelter in the United States, just three blocks from the US Capitol building. Clicking here will take you to the web site the WTA hosts for them that they manage and update.