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Wild Tech

Senior iPad Program

WildTech is the lead agency and prime contractor for the District of Columbia’s Senior iPad program.  It is designed to reduce senior’s isolation and increase their connections with family, friends, and the community – all through technology access, training and support. We do this by providing Apple iPad table computers, 3G wireless internet, custom configured applications and accessibility settings, training and support.

We even provide virtual Zoom information sessions weekly from senior service providers, allowing seniors to sign-up and access their services without ever leaving their home.   We provided 500 ipads to seniors in 2021, 1000 more in 2022 and are planning to provide 2000 more in 2023 – all with training and support!

If you organization or government agency would like to reduce the isolation of seniors, while connecting them to friends, family, and the community, we want to help you!  Email info@wildtech.org for more information.

Wild Tech

Access to Technology

 WildTech is the Washington DC Region’s leading computer refurbishing organization, receiving thousands of donated computers from generous corporations and government agencies, refurbishing them, and providing them to needy individuals, non-profits and schools.  In most cases, it is the only way these recipients can possibly get a free or super-low-cost computer.   WildTech is one of the founders of the the non-profit computer refurbishing industry (see our history), providing tens of thousands of refurbished to need individuals and organizations across the United States and in Africa.  In 2020 alone we provided over 1500 computers to people in need.

  • See our technology access strategy Paper by clicking HERE
  • Have computers to donate? Email info@wildtech.org with the specifications and quantity of equipment you can provide.  In most cases, we can provide free pickup of donated equipment in the mid-Atlantic region.
Wild Tech

Computer Training

WildTech is a leading computer training provider for low-income people, delivered both by us and by our training partners.  These trainings include:

  • Introduction to computers
  • IT Fundaments
  • Cisco IT Essentials (including CISCO ITE certification and/or A+ certification
  • Networking (including Net+ certification)
  • Security (including Security + certification

We provide “Introduction to Computers” training for free to recipients of our refurbished computers, delivered from our downtown Washington DC office.  We can also provide free refurbished computers with free training in a group-setting at Washington DC area homeless shelters.  For more information on our training classes, please email info@wildtech.org

Wild Tech


WildTech has a state-of-the-art computer help desk system for supporting new computer users and disadvantaged populations.  We utilize an advanced ticketing system (JIRA), information sharing portal (Confluence) and IP phone system (Nextiva). 

This empowers us to provide help desk services from volunteer and paid staff working from anywhere.  It also empowers us to take on new clients requiring help desk services and to rapidly scale-up to serve them.  We currently provide help desk services for the clients who receive our refurbished computers and for the District of Columbia government. 

We cannot provide help desk services for individuals on a one-off basis falling outside those two groups.  But if you are an organization needing help-desk services for your clients, we can probably help you – including incredibly low prices due to our non-profit and volunteer efficiencies.  For more information please email info@wildtech.org


Deep Field International Technology Service Trip


WildTech was founded in 1995 based on the principle that combining outdoor adventure leadership  (the “Wild” in WildTech) with project based learning in technology (the “tech” in WildTech) is a powerful combination, transforming the lives of both the service providers and recipients (see our History).   Executive Director Lou August and WildTech volunteer Damilola Kehinde have years of experience designing and leading technology programs in remote, impoverished areas of Africa, Asia and South America.  During the summer of 2023, they will be leading a 15-day technology service learning program in the most iconic area in Africa: Near the base of 19438 foot Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and at the epicenter of Africa’s greatest wildlife preserves.   We are now targeting five IT leaders to attend, along with five disadvantaged IT students from the University of the District of Columbia. 

This is not the “Africa” tourists typically see, it is a “deep field” experience, living and working closely with teachers, students, and tribal leaders in the aboriginal lifestyle of the Maasai and Meru tribes.  The program begins by understanding the lifestyle and challenges of the people we serve by actually living their lives: picking bananas and coffee, plowing a field, planting corn and taking caring for children.  It ends by building two computer labs from 30-50 laptops we bring with us, training teachers in technology skills, and even hosting a Cisco Networking Academy for teachers from five vocational schools.  But it is not all work. Each night participants have their own private room.  We will go on two safaris, one on 15,000 foot Mount Meru and another at the Ngorongoro crater with the largest concentration of wild African mammals in the world.

If you are interested in attending, please email laugust@wildtech.org.  We will help you fundraise for your trip costs, ideally enabling you to attend this life-changing experience at no cost to you at all.