July 2023 Newsletter: D.C. Senior iPad Program

It's Summertime at WildTech!

Monday, July 31st, 2023

Keep Calm & Keep Reading On

The Reading Lunch Club: Wednesdays @ 12:00pm

A book cover with three men of color titled "The Essentials of Dick Gregory" with a blue background.

“The best part about the book club is being able to discuss the book and relate it to current events and experiences. We have had times where people share their deep connection to the book, they cry and express gratitude. People are comfortable enough to share their own stories, their traumas, and how they have been able to overcome or how they have been working through it.”

— Christal Miller, host of the Reading Lunch Club

Our Reading Lunch Club is a space where program participants can come together, relax, and immerse themselves into stories. It is also a safe place to discuss things like family dynamics, both physical and mental health, and overcoming adversity.

Currently, the Reading Lunch Club is on chapter 37 of The Essential Dick Gregory and is looking to read more books by the same author.

If you consider yourself an intellectual thinker, reader, and happen to be free on Wednesdays, don’t hesitate to jump into a reading club session. Even if you haven’t read the book, the discussions are titillating, and the space is welcoming to all who are willing to share it.

Dynamic Updates to the Calendar App

Thanks to the efforts of WildTech training specialist, Alex Bell, all Senior iPad program participants can expect some new exciting changes to the Calendar app on their devices, including:

iPad Dynamic Calendar
  • Dates and times for all Senior iPad Program classes, all in one place
  • Dynamic information and notes on class topics and presentations
  • Improved notifications, from 30 minutes to an hour before classtime
  • Multiple ways to join class right from the Calendar App!

—In Memoriam—

Georgia Madeline Green

Who was Georgia Green, recent member of the iPad program?
Georgia Madeline Green (1929 - 2023)

“I became acquainted with Georgia when we enrolled her in the Senior iPad program in 2021.

As with most of the seniors in the program, she had no previous knowledge of using an iPad, and she did
not see that as a barrier. 

At almost 91, all Georgia saw was an opportunity. She didn’t believe in just sitting back and taking it easy; she wanted to learn and challenge herself. She did not believe in self-imposed barriers. As long as she had breath, she would take advantage of opportunities to progress.

As we progressed through that first year, I was initially somewhat frustrated with all the questions and having to find new ways to cover the same ground from a slightly different perspective. But then what I saw was a thirsty mind with a strong desire to understand that propelled her to keep questioning until she got it. And get it, she did. I fell in love with her attitude. It’s almost as if with each new challenge, we climbed a mountain together, and it was so fulfilling when we reached the top. She was inspirational in my commitment to teaching older adults, and she helped me further develop and appreciate a repetitive teaching style.

Georgia had excellent cognitive skills – even at 91, she became an avid technology user. She learned how to navigate the internet and connect to social media and helped others to do the same. She was a
real blessing to have in class. Her objective was to learn and interact. She consistently attended the daily modules – way above the minimum few required for owning the iPad.

Georgia contributed to our classes in other ways as well. She encouraged and empowered the younger seniors to stay with the program no matter the learning curve. She participated in the Recipe Book Club and submitted recipes to be published. She participated in Valentine’s Day events as well as the WTA Got Talent show. She sang and read a poem about the events. And yes, she won prizes for her contributions because she was that good. She was like a flashing billboard that says life begins at 65.

There were many things to admire about Georgia. One of the first things you noticed when she logged in was her beautiful iPad Zoom background showing her lovely flowers. She was a flower among her flowers. She was soft-spoken with a sweet spirit. On the last day she attended class, her aide shared with us that she could not speak but could hear us. She passed shortly after that. She left a hole in our hearts. We greatly miss her. We, her D.C. Senior iPad family, are all grateful to have known her.”

Theresa James-McIntosh, WildTech Training Manager

“Thank you so much for the kind words; my eyes are filled with tears. I was with her every day she logged on to your program since the beginning when the iPad was delivered. 

I sat right beside her, watching her learn. She would not give up; she pounded out questions and took notes. I think that is what really helped her, taking notes, and following them step by step, then repeating the steps until she could do it naturallyI admit she sometimes got confused with so much information, but by using notes, she could go back and sort it out.

I logged on to the program for her before she passed and was attending to her when we heard someone mention her name. As weak as she was, I looked at her face and she was beaming with joy. 

She was remembered and she was loved. I ran to the iPad and let the members know she was listening.”

Thank you again as her daughter and aide,

— Lenora Green

WildTech Staff Highlight: Zion Griggs

An African American woman with long black hair, dangling gold earrings in the shape of a diamond, and a light mustard yellow long-sleeve shirt.
  • Zion Griggs is an Operations Assistant and Intakes and Trainings Specialist at WildTech.
  • Before coming to WildTech, she worked as an HR Assistant and Staffing Agent, Telecommunications Technician for an Assisted Living Building, and a home health aide!
  • Zion considers all of these experiences as instrumental to her time at WildTech, noting it helped her develop the patience and care needed to work with seniors.
  • She can see big growth for WildTech, acknowledging that “the senior population is not shrinking.” She hopes, “[the D.C. Senior iPad Program] can continue to connect senior participants to resources, their communities, and their families, bringing them lasting joy and positive experiences.”
  • Besides the connections to seniors, one of Zion’s favorite things about working at WildTech are the “amazing contributions” of the team behind it. 
  • Outside of work, Zion has been volunteering as a bible teacher for the last six years. And when Zion isn’t doing that, she’s spending quality time with her family.

“I am always proud when I start off with a training and the trainee is afraid or nervous or uneasy, [but] by the end of the training I’m able to ease their anxiety, make them laugh and feel more comfortable. That’s a high point for me. I love hearing a senior say, ‘That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,’ at the end of a call.”

— Zion Griggs

August's Programming

An image comprising of mostly text with a blue top border and a QR code to register. The text is as follows:DC's Bridging Aging and Disability Networks and Racial Equity Community of Practice Presents: Future Planning Lunch and Learn Series
  • Tuesday, August 1st |  Presented by DC Developmental Disabilities Council
    12:00 pm— Overview of Disability and Aging services in DC
  • Tuesday, August 8th |  Presented by DC Developmental Disabilities Council
    12:00 pm — Financial concerns in planning for the future
  • Tuesday, August 15th |  Presented by DC Developmental Disabilities Council
    12:00 pm — Legal decision-making concerns in planning for the future
  • Tuesday, August 15th  Click Here to Register
    4:00pm — Monthly Music Appreciation hosted by Courtney Tolbert

Joyful Food Markets by Martha's Table​

“Joyful Food Markets are pop-up monthly markets held in elementary schools in Wards 7 and 8 in D.C. School families are invited to shop at no cost for a variety of beautiful high-quality produce, including bananas, apples, greens, and sweet potatoes, as well as basic shelf staples such as pasta and beans.

School cafeterias and gymnasiums are transformed into joyful environments with music, dancing, and colorful tables filled with baskets of fresh produce and healthy non-perishable food. In addition, our markets feature kids’ activities and recipe samples designed to get children excited about healthy eating and cooking.

Joyful Food Markets currently support 53 elementary schools in Wards 7 & 8.”

Supported by the D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living

For general inquiries about the DC Senior iPad program or technical support with your iPad, please call: 202-800-6868. 

For inquiries about D.C. Department of Aging (DACL) services, please call: 202-724-5626

The Wilderness Technology Alliance
1200 18th ST NW, 20036, Washington DC

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